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What is a Hardware wallet?

A hardware wallet is a physical device designed to securely store the private keys associated with cryptocurrency holdings, such as Bitcoin. Hardware wallets offer a high level of security by keeping private keys offline and isolated from internet-connected devices, minimizing the risk of online attacks like hacking, malware, or keylogging. Hardware wallets typically connect to […]

What is Bip-85?

BIP-85 (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 85) is a standard that enables the deterministic derivation of independent Bitcoin wallets from a single master seed. It was proposed by Ethan Kosakovsky and is documented in BIP-85: Deterministic Entropy From BIP32 Keychains. The primary goal of BIP-85 is to allow users to securely generate and manage multiple independent wallets […]

What is a Bip-85 wallet?

A BIP-85 wallet refers to a wallet that implements the BIP-85 (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 85) standard. This standard enables the deterministic derivation of independent Bitcoin wallets from a single master seed, allowing users to create and manage multiple wallets using one backup mnemonic seed. A wallet that supports BIP-85 allows you to generate separate entropy […]

What is Health Check?

In the context of Bitcoin, a health check typically refers to the process of assessing and verifying the security, functionality, and overall performance of your Bitcoin wallet, hardware, and software setup. Performing a health check can help you identify potential issues, protect your assets, and ensure smooth operation. Wallet backup and recovery: Verify that you […]

What is Auto Transfer?

In the context of a Bitcoin wallet, auto transfer refers to an automated feature that moves funds from one wallet address to another based on pre-defined rules or conditions. The main purpose of this feature is to automate specific tasks, such as transferring funds for security or privacy reasons, consolidating funds from multiple sources, or […]