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Why self custody is important ?

Self custody in the Keeper app for Bitcoin is crucial because it provides users with complete control over their Bitcoin, enhances security, maintains privacy, and assures ownership and accessibility without reliance on third-party services.

Long Answer:

  1. Control and Ownership: In the Keeper app, having self custody means holding your private keys, giving you absolute control over your Bitcoin. No third parties are involved, ensuring that you make the final decisions concerning your funds.
  2. Security: Managing your private keys within the Keeper app minimizes risks related to hacks or fraud that might occur with third-party providers. Your Bitcoin is safe as long as you handle your keys properly.
  3. Privacy: Self custody in the Keeper app ensures your financial privacy. Since you are not relying on external services, your transactions and holdings remain confidential.
  4. Sovereignty: Emphasizing individual control, self custody aligns with Bitcoin’s decentralized nature. You have sole authority over your funds without interference from regulations that affect third-party services.
  5. Accessibility: You always have access to your Bitcoin in the Keeper app. You are not bound by terms or conditions from other providers that might limit accessibility.
  6. Customization: The Keeper app allows you to tailor security measures to your needs, enhancing the safety of your Bitcoin.
  7. Inheritance Planning: Self custody in the Keeper app includes tools for planning inheritance, making sure your Bitcoin is passed on according to your desires.

In short, self custody in the Keeper app for Bitcoin enforces the principles of decentralization, personal empowerment, and financial autonomy. It plays a vital role in achieving the true potential of peer-to-peer electronic cash as envisioned in the Bitcoin network.

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