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Why upgrade your Keeper Subscription Plans ?

Keeper offers 3 different tiers titled – Pleb, Hodler and Diamond Hands.

Pleb is a free tier where you can create multiple wallets plus a single sig Vault for long term sats storage.

The Hodler tier offers all of Plebs offerings plus a few other features. At Pleb you can create a 2 of 3 Vault. Conveniently, you would be able to use Mobile Keys, Signing Servers and Seed Keys. Thus users would not necessarily need to have hardware signing devices to create a multi-sig Vault to hodl sats long term.

The Diamond Hands tier offers all of Hodler tier’s benefits and then some! At the Diamond Hands tier, you would be able to create a 3 of 5 multisig. The option to plan your bitcoin inheritance also gets unlocked at this tier.

Thus each tier addresses specific use cases. Based on your specific needs in your bitcoin journey, you can move from Pleb to Hodler to Diamond Hands.

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