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Which is better single-sig or multi-sig?

The choice between single-sig and multi-sig ultimately depends on the specific use case and the level of security needed.

Single-sig, short for single signature, refers to a standard form of digital signature where a single private key is used to sign transactions. This is the most common type of signature used in cryptocurrency transactions, and it is generally sufficient for individuals and small businesses.

Multi-sig, short for multi-signature, is a more advanced form of digital signature where multiple private keys are required to sign transactions. This provides an additional layer of security as it requires multiple parties to sign off on a transaction, making it more difficult for a hacker to gain access to the funds. Multi-sig is typically used by larger organizations or cryptocurrency exchanges that need to store large amounts of funds and want to minimize the risk of theft or fraud.

In summary, if you are an individual or small business with a relatively small amount of funds, single-sig is likely sufficient. However, if you are a larger organization or cryptocurrency exchange with a significant amount of funds at stake, multi-sig is recommended for enhanced security.

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