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What is Keeper’s Inheritance Feature?

The Inheritance feature is essentially a multisig wallet with enhanced security measures with convenient accessibility, providing you with peace of mind and the ability to pass on your bitcoin to your chosen heir(s).

The feature gives you access to three crucial documents that facilitate the inheritance process. The first document is a Letter to the attorney, which outlines your intentions and instructions for transferring your bitcoin to your heir. This letter helps you ensure that your wishes are carried out according to your specifications. The second document, The Security Tips document, provides comprehensive guidance on how to protect and manage the private keys associated with your bitcoin holdings. By following these best practices, you can safeguard your digital assets from unauthorized access or loss. Finally, the third document is a template that acts as a letter to your heir, which contains essential information and instructions for them to recover the private keys and gain access to the inherited bitcoin at the appropriate time.

In addition to these essential documents, we offer the option to include a time delayed key as one of the keys in the multisig setup. This innovative feature allows for an additional layer of security and control over the inheritance process. By using the Inheritance Key, you can ensure that the transfer of your bitcoin to your heir only occurs after a specified period of time or under specific conditions. This feature provides flexibility, allowing you to plan for various scenarios and contingencies while maintaining control over the timing of the inheritance transfer.

With Keeper’s inheritance planning feature, you can protect your bitcoin and make sure it is passed on seamlessly to your chosen heir, all while maintaining the highest level of security.

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