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How can I set up a Vault using TAPSIGNER in Bitcoin Keeper?

Short Answer: To set up a Vault with TAPSIGNER in Bitcoin Keeper, download the Keeper App, create a passcode, select “Start New” or “Recover Existing Vault”, click on the “Vault” section, choose TAPSIGNER, enter the code from your TAPSIGNER, and create your vault.

Long Answer:


  1. An untampered TAPSIGNER, either old or new.

Setting up a Single Sig Vault in Keeper:

  1. Download and install the Keeper App.
  2. Create a secure passcode.
  3. Based on your status:
    • For new users: Click on “Start New”.
    • Existing users setting up Keeper on a new device: Choose “Recover Existing Vault”.
  4. Navigate to the Keeper’s Home Screen and select the “Vault” section.
  5. Click on “Add a Signing Device” and choose TAPSIGNER from the list.
  6. Follow on-screen instructions and click “Proceed”.
  7. Key in the 6-32 digit code found on the back of your TAPSIGNER and select “Proceed”.
  8. Establish connection by touching the TAPSIGNER to your phone. Keep it in place until the scanning finishes.
  9. Click on the “Create Vault” button to set up your single-sig vault using TAPSIGNER.

Receiving Bitcoin in the Vault:

  • To deposit Bitcoin, you can either use a Receive Address or click “Buy Bitcoin” and follow the given steps.

Creating an m-of-n multisig Vault:

  1. Tap on the Pleb button (upper right corner).
  2. Select a tier, either Hodler or Diamond Hands. (For this example, we chose Hodler.)
  3. If you have a single-sig Vault, press “Upgrade” to ascend to the next tier. Note: m-of-n multisig is exclusive to Hodler and Diamond Hands tiers.
  4. After upgrading, add two more signing devices.
  5. Choose “Create Vault”. Your 2-of-3 multisig vault with Tapsigner as one of the signers is now ready.

Sending Sats from 2-of-3 Multisig Vault with TAPSIGNER:

  1. Open the vault and tap “Send”.
  2. Pick a wallet within Keeper or type in a Bitcoin address (or scan a QR code).
  3. Enter the desired amount and set the transaction priority.
  4. The app will prompt you to select two devices for transaction authentication.
  5. If TAPSIGNER is chosen, you’ll be asked to input the 6-32 digit code from its back.
  6. After keying in the code, click on “Scan”. Hold the TAPSIGNER to your phone until scanning completes.
  7. Once the secondary signing device also confirms, tap “Broadcast Transaction”. The sent transaction can be verified using tools like

Note: If your TAPSIGNER gets locked due to incorrect CVC/Pin entries, download the CKTap app (available for both Android and Apple). Follow the app’s guidance to unlock your TAPSIGNER.

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