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How to use Seed Key as a signing device?

Adding Seed Key:

Short Answer: In the Bitcoin Keeper app, select the Vault section, choose to add a signing device, pick ‘Seed Key’, write down the provided 12-word seed phrase securely, and then confirm one of the words as prompted.

Long Answer:

1. Access the Vault Section:

  • Open the Bitcoin Keeper app.
  • From the home screen, tap on the “Vault” section.

2. Initiate the Addition of a Signing Device:

  • If it’s your first time setting up a signing device, select “Add 1st signing device”. If you’re adding an additional device, choose the appropriate option (e.g., “Add 2nd signing device”).

3. Choose the Seed Key Option:

  • From the available list of signing devices, tap on “Seed Key”.

4. Securely Record the Seed Phrase:

  • The app will display a 12-word seed phrase. This phrase is essential for your vault’s security. Carefully write down this seed phrase in a private and secure location. It’s recommended to avoid storing it digitally or sharing it, as anyone with access to this phrase can control your funds.

5. Confirm the Seed Phrase:

  • For verification, the Bitcoin Keeper app will ask you to confirm one or more words from the seed phrase you’ve noted. This step ensures that you’ve correctly recorded the seed words.
  • Once successfully verified, the Seed Key will be added as a signing device for your vault in the Bitcoin Keeper app. You can now use it to authenticate transactions or recover your Vault if necessary.

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