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How to use Inheritance tools ?

Keeper provides you with 3 documents that act as suggestions while you plan your Inheritance.

1) Letter to the Attorney:
The purpose of this letter is two-fold. Firstly, it serves as a means for users to express their intentions and wishes regarding the distribution of their Bitcoin assets after their demise. By providing a clear and concise outline of their desired beneficiaries and the allocation of their digital assets, users can establish a legally binding framework to ensure the proper execution of their wishes. Secondly, this letter aims to bridge the gap between our users and their legal representatives, such as yourself, by providing essential information and instructions that will aid in the identification and retrieval of Bitcoin holdings. It highlights the necessary steps and details required for accessing and transferring these digital assets to the designated heirs, minimizing the potential challenges and complexities that may arise in the absence of a comprehensive plan.

By utilizing this template, our users can take proactive steps to protect and preserve their Bitcoin holdings as part of their overall estate planning. The hope is that this document serves as a valuable resource to facilitate effective communication and collaboration between our users and their legal representatives, ensuring the seamless transfer of bitcoin to the intended beneficiaries.

2) Key Security Tips:

Securing your hardware wallets that form a multisig configuration is of paramount importance when it comes to safeguarding your bitcoin. This document suggests a few considerations for physically storing your hardware wallets that comprise a multisig setup. These strategies would go a long way to ensure considerably high level of protection for your bitcoin, reducing the risk of unauthorized access, loss, or theft. Storing hardware wallets that form a multisig configuration requires careful consideration of physical security aspects. We delve into the key considerations, including choosing secure locations, utilizing tamper-evident seals, employing fireproof and waterproof containers, and the importance of backups in separate locations. By letting these recommendations guide you, you can fortify the security of your multisig configuration and have peace of mind knowing that your bitcoin are well protected.

3) Recovery Tips for the Heir:

This document is a template for you to use to convey to your heir, how they could recover the Vault that they are inheriting. The document allows you to share details of trusted contacts who could help your heir recover the Vault. It helps you share the output descriptor as well as the location details of the keys to the Vault.

Additional Support:You also have the option to setup an Inheritance Key as an additional mechanism to ensure transfer of your Vault to your heir.

Inheritance Key(IK):

The Inheritance Key(IK) is an additional signing option the user can add when they are at Level 3. This would convert the multisig configuration from a 3-of-5 to a 3-of-6 setup. The IK is a key that is on a signing server and signs for any request that can affirm that it has previous 2 keys. Thus the IK can only be requested to be used after 2 others have signed.

Once the request is received, the IK waits for 4 weeks before signing. The wait is to allow the Vault owner to decline the request if they so choose or are able to. This setup adds an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access or theft of Bitcoin funds by allowing time for detection and intervention.The time delay provides an opportunity to reverse or modify a transaction if circumstances change or if errors are detected during the waiting period.

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