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How to setup inheritance in keeper app?

Inheritance planning within the Keeper app, specifically tailored for Bitcoin, allows users to secure their digital assets for future generations. Here is a general step-by-step guide for setting up inheritance:

  1. Upgrade to Diamond Hands: Make sure you have the Diamond Hands subscription, as inheritance tools are included in this tier.
  2. Navigate to Inheritance Tools: Open the Keeper app and go to the inheritance section found within the app’s settings or a dedicated tab.
  3. Start the Inheritance Planning Process: Follow the in-app instructions to begin creating your inheritance plan.
  4. Define Beneficiaries: Choose the individuals who will inherit your assets and define the proportions or specific amounts they will receive.
  5. Create an Inheritance Key: The app may prompt you to generate or assign an inheritance key, which is a crucial part of the security measures in place for your digital inheritance.
  6. Securely Store the Inheritance Key: It’s vital to keep this key in a secure location, possibly with a legal professional or trusted family member who understands its importance.
  7. Set Additional Parameters: Depending on the Keeper app’s features, you may be able to set up additional rules or conditions, such as a time delay or multi-signature requirements.
  8. Confirm and Complete the Setup: Review all the details and confirm the setup. Your inheritance plan should now be active within the app.
  9. Consider Legal Consultation: It may be wise to consult with an estate planning attorney to ensure that your digital inheritance plan aligns with your overall estate plan and complies with applicable laws.
  10. Educate Your Heirs: Informing your beneficiaries about the existence of this plan and providing guidance on how they might claim the assets in the future can be a crucial step.

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