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How to Remove signing devices in Bitcoin Keeper ?

Short Answer: In the Bitcoin Keeper app, navigate to the specific vault’s settings, locate the list of signing devices, and select the one you wish to remove. Follow the prompts to confirm the removal.

Long Full Answer:

Removing a signing device from your Bitcoin Keeper app is straightforward. Doing so might be necessary for reasons such as security concerns, device loss, or simply no longer requiring that specific device for signing. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do this:

  1. Open the Bitcoin Keeper App:
    • Launch the Bitcoin Keeper app on your device.
  2. Navigate to the Vault:
    • From the app’s main interface or home screen, select the specific vault from which you wish to remove a signing device.
  3. Access Vault Settings:
    • Once you’re in the desired vault, locate and select the settings or configuration option. This might be represented as a gear icon, “Settings”, or similar terminology.
  4. Locate the Signing Devices Section:
    • In the vault’s settings, you should find a section or list that displays all the signing devices associated with that particular vault.
  5. Select the Device to Remove:
    • Browse through the list of signing devices until you locate the one you wish to remove.
    • Tap on the device name or its corresponding options icon (often represented as three dots or an ellipsis).
  6. Initiate Removal:
    • Once you’ve selected the device, an option to “Remove” or “Delete” should appear.
    • Tap on this option.
  7. Confirm the Removal:
    • For security reasons, the app might ask you to confirm your decision to remove the signing device. This is to ensure that you don’t accidentally remove a device.
    • Confirm your decision by selecting “Yes”, “Confirm”, or a similar affirmative action.
  8. Completion:
    • Once confirmed, the app will process the removal, and the device should no longer appear in the list of signing devices for that vault.
  9. Safety Note:
    • If you’re removing a device due to concerns about its security or because it’s lost, ensure you take additional measures to secure your vault, such as adding another signing device or changing any relevant passwords or PINs.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage and control which devices have permission to sign transactions for your vault in the Bitcoin Keeper app. Always be cautious and ensure that any changes you make align with your security and operational needs.

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