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How to connect a node in Bitcoin Keeper app ?

Short Answer: To connect a node in the Bitcoin Keeper app, navigate to App Settings, select the node section, and input your node’s details or choose from the list of available public nodes.

Long Full Answer:

Connecting a node in the Bitcoin Keeper app enhances your control and privacy. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Access the Bitcoin Keeper App:
    • Open the Bitcoin Keeper app on your device.
  2. Navigate to App Settings:
    • Look for a gear icon, menu, or “Settings” option within the app. This is typically located in the top right corner or at the bottom of the main interface.
  3. Find the Node Section:
    • Within the settings, scroll down until you find a section dedicated to nodes. This might be labeled as “Node Settings”, “Node Connection”, or something similar.
  4. Choose Your Node:
    • Public Nodes: The app might provide a list of public nodes that you can connect to. Simply select one from the list.
    • Personal Node: If you operate your own node, you’ll need to input specific details:
      • Node IP Address or Hostname: This is the address where your node can be reached.
      • Port Number: Typically, the default Bitcoin port number is 8333, but it may be different if you’ve customized your node setup.
      • Username & Password: If your node is password protected, input the necessary credentials.
  5. Save and Test Connection:
    • After inputting your desired node details, save the changes.
    • The app may automatically test the connection to ensure it’s functioning correctly. If it doesn’t, look for a “Test Connection” button or similar feature.
  6. Finalize Connection:
    • Once the connection is tested and verified, your Bitcoin Keeper app will start using the selected node for all its Bitcoin network interactions.
  7. Backup and Security:
    • Always remember to backup your wallet details, especially when making changes.
    • If using a personal node, ensure it’s secure and updated to the latest Bitcoin software version to prevent potential vulnerabilities.

By connecting to a personal node or a chosen public node in the Bitcoin Keeper app, you gain more control over your transactions and enhance your privacy and security on the Bitcoin network.

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