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How to add Passport as a Signing device in Bitcoin Keeper?

Short Answer: To use Passport as a signing device in Bitcoin Keeper, navigate to the vault in the app, select “Add Signing Device,” pick “Passport,” and follow the on-screen prompts. On the Passport device, approve the connection and sign the transaction.

Long Full Answer:

Bitcoin Keeper App Steps:

  1. Ensure Eligibility:
    • You must be on the Hodler or Diamond hands tier to use Passport as a signing device.
  2. Launch Bitcoin Keeper:
    • Open the Bitcoin Keeper app on your primary device.
  3. Access the Vault:
    • Navigate to the vault section on the app’s main interface.
  4. Initiate the Signing Device Setup:
    • Within the vault, click on the option titled “Add Signing Device.”
  5. Choose Passport:
    • From the provided list, select “Passport.”
  6. Generate a PSBT:
    • The app will produce a PSBT for secure offline signing.
  7. Transfer the PSBT to Passport:
    • Depending on Passport’s compatibility, you might use an SD card, cable, or scan a QR code.

Passport Device Steps:

  1. Initiate Connection:
    • Turn on your Passport device and navigate to its main menu. Ensure it’s updated to the latest firmware for compatibility reasons.
  2. Confirm Pairing:
    • A prompt may appear asking to pair or communicate with the Bitcoin Keeper App. Approve this connection.
  3. Review the Transaction:
  • The Passport device will display the transaction details. Thoroughly review all the details to ensure they are accurate.
  1. Sign the Transaction:
  • If everything appears correct, proceed to sign the transaction on the Passport. The device will then update the PSBT to signify its signed status.

Returning to Bitcoin Keeper App Steps:

  1. Return the PSBT:
  • Transfer the signed PSBT back to the Bitcoin Keeper app, which may be done by scanning a new QR code displayed by Passport, using a cable, or any other compatible method.
  1. Finalize the Transaction:
  • Within the Bitcoin Keeper app, finalize the process by broadcasting the signed transaction to the Bitcoin network.
  1. Confirmation:
  • The app will display a confirmation once the transaction has been successfully sent.

By following these steps on both the Bitcoin Keeper App and the Passport hardware wallet, users can ensure that their transaction is signed securely and safely. Always make sure to have backups for essential data and seeds linked to your Passport device.

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